Dropship Program

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is one of the best secret ways for making money online! It allows you to buy products from a manufacturer and have them do all the work for you. They produce and ship the order to your customer with your company's name on the product.

You Sell, We ship:

  • Sell the products to your own customer base

  • When an item sells, purchase the products from Jeyfel.com

  • We ship the product straight to your customer with your return address or our if you prefer. 

Anything you see on www.jeyfel.com can be sold for a profit. We then ship the products directly to your customers. There are no additional charges and you process your orders under your customer's shipping address then we do the rest. 

Get your Dropshipper discount. We'll send you a discount code when you register with us in the dropshipping program: Contact@jeyfel.com